Perris Records is now accepting CD's or CDR's for Possible Label Consideration and Distribution Deals Worldwide. Bands can also email links to stream music and download MP3 files. Perris Records has been in business over 23 years distributing and promoting the label's hard rock bands such as Helix, Stephen Pearcy, L.A. Guns, Eidolon, Bang Tango, Vain, Vicious Rumors, Enuff Z'Nuff, Helstar, Heaven's Edge, Slik Toxik, Moxy, Di'Anno, Odin, Roxx Gang, Love Hate, Babylon A.D., Dirty Looks, Zan Clan, Beautiful Creatures, Dynazty, Every Mother's Nightmare and many more. Perris Records has launched new bands featuring members of: Iron Maiden, Dangerous Toys, Britny Fox, Warrant, Circus Of Power, David Lee Roth, Ozzy, Dio, Dirty Looks, Ted Nugent, Kix, Slash's Snake Pit, Helix, Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, Megadeth, Ratt, Rainbow, Lynchmob, Bulletboys and AC/DC. 

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Perris Records
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3515 - B Longmire Dr. PMB 190
College Station, TX 77845 USA

Quotes about Perris Records
"Thank God for Tom at Perris, I'm making more money now with 
Perris than than the whole time with Kix on Atlantic records"
Steve Whiteman (Funny Money, Kix)
"Thank you Steve Whiteman and window of truth he has opened for 
us all, for the man does not lie when he talks about Tom at 
Jason McMaster (Broken Teeth, Dangerous Toys)
"Perris has the finger on the Pulse of 80's Rock! Check em' out!" 
George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken)
"Perris Rules, great service, totally a Class act!" 
Bruce Kulick (Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss)
In a day and age, where the great "Rock'n'Roll" bands of the 80's and 90's,
are on the most endangered list. It is great to know that their are true
dedicated soldiers like Tom Mathers, fighting to keep our music alive and
available, and giving band a chance to have their music released on a record
label, when our old labels and so called record company friends have
abandoned us. All the power to you Tom.
Mike Tramp-White Lion
Tom is one of a kind! 
He helps keep our genre of music alive!
doing business is always so easy with him, he is so up front. He is a good person to know!
Terry Ilois - XYZ Vocalist 
We've been working with Perris Records for 10 years now and it's
been a great relationship. Tom's always been straight up and nothin' but professional.
He's been a great asset in helping us stay connected with our fans.
Steve West- Danger Danger/Low Dice Records
As a producer and artist I have worked with lots of Major Record 
Labels, but no one beats Perris.
I have nothing but good things to say, PROFESSIONALS
Chris Laney (Zan Clan, Animal)
Nobody keeps the music alive like Perris records, You guys rock!
Derek Davis (Babylon A.D.)
I've known Tom for over 15 years, he's the most hardworking, dedicated topman ever!!!!
He's built Perris Records into a truly great label and has brought the music we all dig
back to the fore...PERRIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!
Steevi Jaimz (Tigertailz) 
To Whom It May Concern, 
I've known Tom Mathers since 1996, and have even recorded 
a CD for Tom's band Cherry Street-Buster Cherry. 
In my dealings with Tom I have found him to be honest, hard-working, 
and a true survivor of the business who has helped to further heavy 
metal/rock through his record company Perris Records. He is 
also pleasant to deal with and professional in the way he conducts his business. 
Signed, Brian Vollmer (Helix)
I've been on 3 major labels and Perris Records is honorable as all 3
put together. I know when I go through North America, or Ireland, Italy and Spain.
I know you will hear about EZN because Tom covers all bases on touringaspect of the business.
Chip Z'Nuff (Enuff Z'Nuff)
Perris records is about building relationships with bands and their
fans who want the music! I've been friends with Tom for over 25 years ,
watching him move from musician to Perris records owner . He lives and
breathes this rock n roll circus!!
Keri Kelli (Slash's Snakepit, Vince Neil, Ratt, Warrant, Pretty Boy
Floyd, Big Bang Babies)
"The beginnings of Eidolon started with Tom Mathers and Perris records.
he really kick started everything for us back in 96 and is still very alive and well!
Glen Drover (Megdeth, Eidolon)





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1. PINNACLE POINT - Winds Of Change
2. CONFESS - Haunters
3. CYANIDE 4 - Nekyia 
4. AOR - The Heart Of L.A
5. TEQUILA SUNRISE - Danger Zone


ROCKNATION Issue 24 features interviews by HARD80's RADIO with members of NIGHT RANGER, BLACK 'N BLUE, CINDERELLA, KIX, BABYLON A.D. & more. Issue 24 is a PDF file on the Perris Records sampler CD also with 48 MP3 samples of artist CD's now available in all fine music stores. Issue 24 also features interviews by HELIX, BRITNY FOX and many new Perris Records artist such as PINNACLE POINT, ROCK ALLIANCE, TEQUILA SUNRISE, AOR, MAD MARGRITT, VAN ARX, DREAMSNOWREALITY, CYANIDE 4, THE STEEL, AMERICAN REBEL SOUL and many more. For a limited time all online Perris Records orders will receive a Issue 24 CD sampler. Over 200 CD stores in Germany, Japan and the USA are passing them out to customers.